Mind/Body/Soul/Spirit Integration


The Earth Medicine (shamanic) healings have been the most profound experiences of my life. Each session opens up great space for deep healing, transformation and self awareness. I am so grateful for your beautiful healing spirit. What a gift you have, a heart of Love…I look forward to our next session.

Anaheim, CA

Thank you for working with me in such a beautiful, safe and supported way. I appreciate your integrity…your work/service comes from such a pure place, I leave our sessions with great peace and abundant gratitude for all that you do for me.

Huntington Beach, CA

So grateful for all the guidance, inspiration and wisdom you offer. I respect your Universal gifts and your caring, non-judgmental approach to our sessions. The Earth Medicine session we had last week was by far the most profound of all our sessions. So much self-realization and heart-centered healing.

Temecula, CA

Wow! Such a Loving, Peaceful, Healing and Grounding experience. The messages I received during our session were life-changing. Your energy/vibration allowed me to go deep into a relaxed state, one I’ve never experienced. As a result, I was able to connect with my support and receive the necessary information I was looking for to move forward on my Spiritual journey. You are the real deal, Debbie! xoxo

Torrance, CA
This is amazing work!! I have experienced such deep healing from this gentle technique. I had shoulder and neck pain for months that would not go away no matter how much massage I received. In one session with the B.E.S.T. technique it has disappeared! I also left feeling such a deep peace within me which was incredible as I have been very stressed the last couple of months. Deb is very knowledgeable and incredibly intuitive and I highly recommend getting a session with her.
Orange, CA

I had the opportunity to receive an energetic B.E.S.T. treatment. The healing experience has been unreal and evergreen. I thought the physical integration would take a few days at least.  By that evening the physical pain was gone.  The emotional integration has been unfolding all week and continuing...I won't go into details here, but i will say, this healing is exactly what i needed and didn't realize how much i needed it. I feel truly Blessed. Deb, your gift is amazing and i look forward to receiving these treatments on a regular basis. With much Gratitude, thank you!!

Menifee, CA